I'm so glad you've taken this first step


It's a lot, I know.

Constantly feeling overwhelmed and stuck. Being so aware of what isn't  working, yet unable to make a change. 

I'm here to help you untangle from the experiences that have led you away from yourself, away from your knowing. I believe we all have an authentic, embodied Self within, and through trauma, early childhood experiences, societal conditioning, and oppression we fracture from this self to survive.

I'm here to walk alongside you, on your journey back to Self. Whether you're in the process of healing from sexual assault, tired of the mean-girl relationship with your body, sick of appeasing the needs of others over the desires of your own, or craving real presence in your life, I'm here to help you reconnect with your body and mind, and heal from your past, so you can start living for you again.

Anxiety & Depression
Breaking Family Cycles & Childhood Pain
Confidence & Self-Worth
Chronic Stress & Shame
Codependency & People Pleasing
Disordered Eating & Body Image
Eating Disorders (Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating)
Healing Trauma (PTSD, Sexual & Complex)

Areas of Specialty


Certifications & Training

MA Counselling Psychology | Yorkville University 
Bachelor of Kinesiology | University of Alberta

AEDP Essential Skills Training | February-October 2024
Treating Eating Disorders with AEDP | June 2024
AEDP 5-Day Immersion
AEDP's Greatest H.I.T.S.
Getting Started with AEDP
EMDR Basic Training
EFIT Level 1
Somatic Experiencing SE® Beginning 1
Somatic Trauma Resolution Training with Rachael Moddox
Source Code Psychology Intensive and Training with Dr. Sam Rader
Emotionally-Focused Individual Therapy Training with Dr. Sue Johnson
3-Day DBT Training
200-Hour Meditation and Breathwork Teacher Training with Lab of Meditation
200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training with SATTVA Yoga & Feelvana Yoga


Registered Clinical Counsellor
#20368 | BCCAC

Registered Clinical Counsellor #20368 | BCCAC

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