Maybe you can feel the stress manifesting in your body. Anxious. Depressed. Clenched jaw, tight shoulders. You wish you could slow down, but you’re stuck on a never ending conveyor belt of to-dos, other people’s needs and expectations. You’re a deep feeler, but find yourself holding back—not wanting to burden others. You struggle to find time for yourself and maybe even feel insecure in relationships.

I support people who identify as people-pleasers and feelers; who are seeking support around relationships, disordered eating or painful childhoods.

I work with people who’ve worn a mask for far too long. They want to stop feeling responsible for everyone else and tend to their own heart and being. They want to take up space in their life.

I’m here to say, you deserve the support you so abundantly give to others. You deserve to be supported, too. 

I work with clients experiencing insecure attachments, disordered eating, family conflict, and who have histories of trauma or unmet childhood needs. 

The work I do with clients is rooted in nervous system care and repairing early childhood experiences

Individual  therapy

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** Online services available in BC, AB, SK, MB, YU, NT, NU

Anxiety & Depression
Breaking Family Cycles & Childhood Pain
Chronic Stress & Burnout
Codependency & People Pleasing
Healing Trauma (PTSD, Sexual & Complex)
Disordered Eating & Body Image
Endings & Life Transitions
Confidence & Self-Worth

Areas of Specialty

15-minute consultation: free
50-minute Individual Counselling: $150 + GST*
50-minute Relationship Counselling: $190 + GST

*Fees are increasing to $160 + GST March 11th, 2024

Please note: Taylor does not offer direct billing. Registered Clinical Counsellors often receive coverage through extended health-care benefits. If you would like to seek reimbursement for counselling services, please inquire with your extended benefit provider. Thank you.

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Tay (she/her) is a Registered Clinical Counsellor living on Lekwungen territory, in Victoria, BC. 

She believes we all have an inner guidance system leading us toward our most whole, expressed self. And through trauma, unmet childhood needs, societal expectations, and oppression, we fracture from our inner guidance to survive.

Tay is here to support your mental and emotional well-being, to help you realign with your inner guidance. She's your therapist if you want to nurture your inner child, need support slowing down and tapping in, and feel the nudge to go deeper in your healing process.

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Meet Clinical Counsellor, Taylor Evans-Kawchuk


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